God relates to man through covenants; He established a covenant with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Israel, and now all of us.  The book of Deuteronomy is a book detailing not just one covenant, but both the New and Old Covenant.  The New Covenant in Christ is here because of the Old Covenant and the relationships between both are important today.  Not only is Deuteronomy worth a look on this basis alone, but Deuteronomy also reaches into every written account of Scripture in one way or another.  Not directly, more thematically.  In Deuteronomy we can see the forbearing grace of God, we can see the fruitless works of man, and the promise keeping God.  As I study this vibrant account written down by Moses I will also explore all of Scripture to bring about a total understanding of God and His heart towards Man.
It is necessary to make clear that I have no seminary degree, no pedigree of any kind.  I am not a pastor nor a deacon.  I am merely a layman Southern Baptist/Contrarian.  So it is best and strongly encouraged to do your own research and reading of the passages I explore, I am just a man, nothing more and surely nothing less.


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